Certified Organic Farm

Explore Eminence Organic's beautiful award-winning heritage landmark farm in Hungary and see where certified organic ingredients grow.

The mission of the Eminence Certified Organic Farm is to enhance your wellness naturally by growing certified organic ingredients while providing education, healing the earth and honoring Eminence's Hungarian roots.



At Eminence Organics certified organic farm, they harness the power of nature based on the harmony of the seasons and the alignment of the earth, the moon and the stars. They harvest plants at the peak of the season to ensure the nutrients remain in their most potent form. The vitamins and nutrients harvested in this vital state give the best possible ingredients for Eminence skin care products.

Through their organic and Biodynamic® farming practices, They gain powerful beautifying ingredients while also healing the earth – not just for present generations, but for future generations to come.

For over 55 years, generations of estheticians in the Koronczay family handcrafted their own skin care products, made from the potent, nutritious fruits, herbs and vegetables grown in the farmlands of Hungary. These organic ingredients are now showcased in a beautiful way at the family-friendly, wheelchair-accessible Eminence Certified Organic Farm where visitors are transported to a simpler, truer way of life.

Experience traditional Hungarian architectural elements including their wood-burning lángos oven, thatch-roof chicken coop, and stunning, hand-carved wooden gates. their certified organic farm is also a tribute to the hundreds of dedicated, hardworking Hungarians who have been instrumental in growing Eminence Organic Skin Care from their modest beginnings to the celebrated, international brand it is today.